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To make reservations, please call David or Cary
at 435-259-6015.

All reservations must be made by phone with check in and
check out dates and must be secured by a Visa or Mastercard.
Any changes in reservations must be at least 14 days in advance.
Reservation changes after the 14 day limit are full charge.
Dietary concerns must be discussed at time of reservation.
We accommodate well behaved children ages 14 and above.

We require a minimum of a two nights stay.

Room Rates
All room prices are based on double occupancy. In some cases
rooms can accommodate extra guests for an additional fee
of $25.00 per person.
Country Room: $150 (double occupancy)
Master Suite: $150 (double occupancy)
Indian Room: $130 (double occupancy)
Peach Room: $130 (double occupancy)
Kiva Room: $150 (double occupancy)

Additional lodging and state tax added to final bill 13.8%
  Cancellation Policy

  B&B Rules